31 August 2023

10th Anniversary Special! Harry Jarman, founder of Gentleman’s Journal

Harry Jarman, Founder of Gentleman's Journal

To celebrate Gentleman’s Journal turning 10 at the end of last year, we thought we’d invite Harry Jarman, founder of Gentleman’s Journal, to sit down in the hot seat. Harry takes us on the meandering, rollercoaster journey the publication has been on from a small bedroom start up (and one that everyone said would fail) to an established and hugely successful media brand.

We speak about how the worlds of magazines, luxury, and even manhood have changed dramatically over the past decade; how Harry’s hairline won him early advertisers; about the moment in the pandemic that he thought the party might be well and truly over; and whether, given the chance, he’d do it all again. Enjoy!

This episode has been recorded at Mark's Club,read by Joseph Bullmore and produced by Martin Lumsden.

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