31 August 2023

Inside Tom Straker’s turbo-charged career

Tom Straker, Chef

People sometimes describe Tom Straker as a “TikTok chef” or an “Instagram chef,” and yes, it’s true that he has millions and millions and millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok, and that he’s known across the globe for his mesmeric butter-making videos, among many other things. But Tom’s also the real deal — a chef who trained at the Ledbury, the Dorchester and headed up the kitchen at Casa Cruz before trying his hand, one day in lockdown, at making a cooking video for a few hundred followers. That first attempt was pretty dreadful, he admits — but now he runs an entire studio to produce his content, while his adoring fans flock from around the world to Straker’s, his new-ish restaurant in Notting Hill, which thoroughly lives up to the excellent reviews it’s had since its opening at the end of last year. A second is set to open in Manhattan in just a few months.

Tom and I spoke about all sorts of things in this episode, recorded in the office above Straker’s on Golborne Road — including his earliest food memory, the ridiculous suit that he wore to his first interview at the Dorchester, his plans to shake up the butter market, and his advice for anyone unsure of what they want to do in life. Enjoy.

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This episode has been recorded at Mark's Club,read by Joseph Bullmore and produced by Martin Lumsden.

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