31 August 2023

“For a long time I didn’t know my shadow…”

Reggie Yates, Director, documentary-maker and presenter

It’s remarkable to think that Reggie Yates is only 39 years old. In a career spanning more than three decades, Reggie has been a presenter, actor, radio host, screenwriter, director, and documentary filmmaker — but also a sort of spiritual older brother to the nation; a friendly, dependable, permanent resident on our screens.

In a wonderfully open conversation, Reggie talks to us about: the prospect of turning 40; how, for many years, he had trouble recognising his own value; how we can all start to work out what we want to do with our lives; how he gets interview guests and documentary subjects to confide in him; why he gives a copy of Rick Rubin’s new book to pretty much all his friends; and his dreams and hopes for fatherhood.

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This episode has been recorded at Mark's Club,read by Joseph Bullmore and produced by Martin Lumsden.

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